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Roam As Home

USA is truly one of the most amazing travelled holiday destinations in the world and for Indians also, so when you travel to the USA, you need to know the following:

Your International Roaming Bill can equal to your entire USA Trip costs – if its not used wisely and Local USA SIM Card is not carried along. Slash costs by carrying USA International Roaming Plan so you don’t incur exorbitant International Roaming Cost while traveling to the USA.

If you use your India SIM while in the US, you’re likely to see some pretty enormous bills. Using a US SIM is a cheaper option. Your best bet is to buy a SIM online before you leave India and get a number before your travel start. Since you get USA Number before you begin your journey, you can share the number with your family and friends. This also enable you to start using your phone the moment you land in any Airport in USA within seconds.

And in case you are not carrying a Local USA SIM Card and willing to roam on your India SIM Card only, then, Ask your carrier how you can track your usage, any special International Roaming packs or plans, so that you stay within your plan and do not incur additional charges. Because of delays in processing international roaming, charges may not appear on your bill for an additional billing cycle after your return, and as we said in the beginning, the USA International Roaming bill will be almost equal to your entire USA travel bills.

So, its always better to carry a USA SIM Card from India to save big costs on USA International Roaming

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