How to Call Singapore from Chad | Dialing Instructions Guide

How to Call Singapore from Chad?

Step 1 International Access Code or Exit code for Chad 00
Step 2 Dial the Country Code for Singapore

0065 or Alternatively “+” Sign i.e. +65

Step 3 Dial the “Area Code” for the city you are calling in Singapore Area Code for Singapore
Step 4 Dial the Phone number  

Follow below dialing procedure steps to make an International Call to Singapore from Chad  – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4

Chad Exit Code Singapore Country Code City Code Phone Number
00 65 City Code of Singapore 123 456789

So, dialing will be as follows: 

To Call Landline in Singapore from Chad:

00 65 (Area Code of City) 123 456789 – Press Call Button on Dialpad

To Call Mobile in Singapore from Chad:

00 65 123 456789 Or

+65 123 456789- Press Call Button on Dialpad (Long-press the 0 key until the + symbol appears)

Emergency Numbers in Singapore:

Dialing Police Phone Number 999
Dialing Fire Brigade Number 995
Dialing Emergency Number 995

List of Telecom Phone Network Operators:

1. Airtel Chad (formerly Tigo Chad)
2. Moov Africa Chad
3. Salam Mobile (Glo Mobile)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs):


The telecommunications sector in Chad is still developing, with penetration rates in all telephone market sectors at 40.2% and Internet at 18%. Chad’s mobile sector is growing rapidly due to competition between two foreign-owned networks – Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), and Millicom which was sold to Morocco Telecom in 2019 (Tigo).

Time Zone Difference:

The best time to call Singapore is during the daytime hours in Singapore. This is because the time difference between Chad and Singapore is UTC+8

UTC Time Difference between Chad & Singapore is UTC+8 (avoide calling at inconvenient time}

If are traveling to Chad as a Tourist and wish to make Calls & Use Data, You can also buy prepaid tourist Chad SIM Card Online.

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