How to Call Bosnia and Herzegovina from Comoros | Dialing Instructions Guide

How to Call Bosnia and Herzegovina from Comoros?

Step 1 International Access Code or Exit code for Comoros 00
Step 2 Dial the Country Code for Bosnia and Herzegovina

00387 or Alternatively “+” Sign i.e. +387

Step 3 Dial the “Area Code” for the city you are calling in Bosnia and Herzegovina Area Code for Sarajevo
Step 4 Dial the Phone number  

Follow below dialing procedure steps to make an International Call to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Comoros  – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4

Comoros Exit Code Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Code City Code Phone Number
00 387 City Code of Sarajevo 123 456789

So, dialing will be as follows: 

To Call Landline in Bosnia and Herzegovina from Comoros:

00 387 (Area Code of City) 123 456789 – Press Call Button on Dialpad

To Call Mobile in Bosnia and Herzegovina from Comoros:

00 387 123 456789 Or

+387 123 456789- Press Call Button on Dialpad (Long-press the 0 key until the + symbol appears)

Emergency Numbers in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Dialing Police Phone Number 122
Dialing Fire Brigade Number 123
Dialing Emergency Number 112

List of Telecom Phone Network Operators:

1. Telma Comores
2. Hury (Comores Telecom)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs):


The telecommunications sector in Comoros is still developing, with mobile penetration rates at around 50%. The two main operators are Telma Comores and Hury (Comores Telecom). Telma Comores is the largest operator, with a market share of about 60%. Hury (Comores Telecom) is the second-largest operator, with a market share of about 40%.

1. Telma Comores offers a wide range of mobile services, including prepaid and postpaid plans, 2G, 3G, and 4G data services, international roaming, and value-added services. Hury (Comores Telecom) offers a more limited range of services, but it is typically cheaper than Telma Comores.

2. Comoros Cable is the main fixed-line operator in Comoros. It offers a range of fixed-line services, including internet, television, and landline services.

Additional information:

1. Telma Comores is a subsidiary of Telecom Malagasy S.A., a Malagasy telecommunications company.

2. Hury (Comores Telecom) is a subsidiary of Comores Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications company.

The government of Comoros is working to improve the telecommunications sector in the country. It has invested in infrastructure and is encouraging competition.

Time Zone Difference:

The best time to call Bosnia and Herzegovina is during the daytime hours in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is because the time difference between Comoros and Bosnia and Herzegovina is UTC+1

UTC Time Difference between Comoros & Bosnia and Herzegovina is UTC+1 (avoide calling at inconvenient time}

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