How to Call Botswana from Comoros | Dialing Instructions Guide

How to Call Botswana from Comoros?

Step 1 International Access Code or Exit code for Comoros 00
Step 2 Dial the Country Code for Botswana

00267 or Alternatively “+” Sign i.e. +267

Step 3 Dial the “Area Code” for the city you are calling in Botswana Area Code for Gaborone
Step 4 Dial the Phone number  

Follow below dialing procedure steps to make an International Call to Botswana from Comoros  – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4

Comoros Exit Code Botswana Country Code City Code Phone Number
00 267 City Code of Gaborone 123 456789

So, dialing will be as follows: 

To Call Landline in Botswana from Comoros:

00 267 (Area Code of City) 123 456789 – Press Call Button on Dialpad

To Call Mobile in Botswana from Comoros:

00 267 123 456789 Or

+267 123 456789- Press Call Button on Dialpad (Long-press the 0 key until the + symbol appears)

Emergency Numbers in Botswana:

Dialing Police Phone Number 999
Dialing Fire Brigade Number 998
Dialing Emergency Number 997

List of Telecom Phone Network Operators:

1. Telma Comores
2. Hury (Comores Telecom)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs):


The telecommunications sector in Comoros is still developing, with mobile penetration rates at around 50%. The two main operators are Telma Comores and Hury (Comores Telecom). Telma Comores is the largest operator, with a market share of about 60%. Hury (Comores Telecom) is the second-largest operator, with a market share of about 40%.

1. Telma Comores offers a wide range of mobile services, including prepaid and postpaid plans, 2G, 3G, and 4G data services, international roaming, and value-added services. Hury (Comores Telecom) offers a more limited range of services, but it is typically cheaper than Telma Comores.

2. Comoros Cable is the main fixed-line operator in Comoros. It offers a range of fixed-line services, including internet, television, and landline services.

Additional information:

1. Telma Comores is a subsidiary of Telecom Malagasy S.A., a Malagasy telecommunications company.

2. Hury (Comores Telecom) is a subsidiary of Comores Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications company.

The government of Comoros is working to improve the telecommunications sector in the country. It has invested in infrastructure and is encouraging competition.

Time Zone Difference:

The best time to call Botswana is during the daytime hours in Botswana. This is because the time difference between Comoros and Botswana is UTC+2

UTC Time Difference between Comoros & Botswana is UTC+2 (avoide calling at inconvenient time}

If are traveling to Comoros as a Tourist and wish to make Calls & Use Data, You can also buy prepaid tourist Comoros SIM Card Online.

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