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Cape Verde ISD Calling code is +238

The flag of Cape Verde, which has been adopted in 1992, is composed of a blue sheet and three stripes in white and red colors. The flag also bears ten five-pointed stars arranged in a circle where the circle is centered toward the left side of the flag. The blue color represents the sea and the sky and two white and one red stripe should commemorate the country’s development and the path towards progress. Ten stars represent ten islands of Cape Verde archipelago and the circle is to symbolize the unity of the nation. The islands lying near the west coast of Africa were settled by the Portuguese in the 19th century and in these times it was an important trade crossroad.

Many associate Cape Verde with the mournful songs of Cesaria Evoria, the islands’ best known singer. The ‘barefoot diva’ is the best exponent of morna, a lovelorn type of folk music similar to Portuguese fado. Music is a key component of life on Cape Verde, and several of the islands stage exuberant carnivals, with the best known being the Baia das Gatas Festival. São Vicente is also renowned for its exuberant festivities.

Once a colony and slave trade outpost, Cape Verde varies wildly in character and scenery through its 10 islands and five tiny islets. From spectacular verdant mountain ranges, to deserted beaches, with a few volcanic landscapes thrown in for good measure, it’s the variety that makes Cape Verde such an unusual and appealing destination.

Main information

Country Cape Verde
Capital city Praia
Population 539,560(2016)
Total area 4,033 km2
Formation 5. 7. 1975
Highest point Mount Fogo (2,829 m)
GDP $4.323 billion(2019)
Currency cape verdean escudo (CVE)
Code cape verdean escudo (CVE)
ISD Calling code +238
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .cv

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