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Mauritius ISD Calling code is +230

Mauritius is an island located in the eastern direction of Madagascar and its flag consists of four horizontal stripes. The top one is red, then blue, yellow and green at the bottom. The colors used are of traditional Pan-African importance. Red color indicates the struggles to achieve independence and blue color represents the Indian Ocean, which surrounds the island. Yellow stripe should symbolize bright future of the island after gaining independence and green stripe reminds lush vegetation of Mauritius. These colors have been inspired by coat of arms of the island, which King Edward VII gave to Mauritius in 1906. The flag has been adopted in 1968 when the island gained independence from the British rule.

Back on the coast, a massive coral reef surrounds almost the entire island and has become a Mecca for divers thanks to its bountiful marine life. Hop out of the water and into local culture along the east coast, which is home to fine beaches and sleepy fishing communities. Village such as Petite Julie and Queen Victoria demonstrate the mixed Anglo-French heritage of the country, and it is in these sleepy outposts that you can hear

The beaches are, indeed, noteworthy of praise. Encircling the island, they are exactly what the holiday brochures promise. But beyond its celebrated sands, native forests grow over the cooler central plateau, providing a home to rare plants and animals such as the Mauritius flying fox, which can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Main information

Country Mauritius
Capital city Port Louis
Population 1,323,483 (2015)
Total area 2,040 km2
Formation 12. 3. 1968
Highest point Mont Piton (828 m)
GDP $ 15,424 (IMF, 2012)
Currency mauritian rupee (MUR)
Code MU (MUS)
ISD Calling code +230
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .mu

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