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SlovakiaISD Calling code is +421

The Slovak flag is composed of Pan-Slavic tricolor of white, blue and red color. From 1918 to 1993, there was a common state of Czechs and Slovaks, so the current Slovak flag has not been adopted until the disintegration of Czechoslovakia. Double cross erected on three hills, which is located closer to the side left side of the flag, indicates the beginnings of Christianity in the area of Carpathians. The emblem has been a symbol of Slovaks for a long time, but the tricolor has not been adopted until 1848 when many Slavic nations took inspiration from Russia as the only independent Slavic during the fights for independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A small country of just five million odd inhabitants, Slovakia appeals to a broad range of travellers: from backpackers and businesspeople, to skiers and history buffs. It has one or two surprises up its sleeve. It is, for example, quietly gaining prestige as an alternative skiing destination. With its modern skiing infrastructure and new budget flights, Slovakia’s High Tatras mountains are becoming a tantalising destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Beyond its stunning capital, Slovakia boasts some impressive natural landscapes, which remain relatively unspoiled and uncrowded. The country has 10 national parks to speak of, which offer sprawling forests, rolling hills and meandering rivers.

Though Bratislava and the High Tatras mountains remain the star attractions in Slovakia, beyond them lies a diverse and decidedly beautiful land, rich in rewards for those bold enough to explore it.

Main information

Country Slovakia
Capital city Bratislava
Population 5,415,949 (2013)
Total area 49,033 km2
Formation 1. 1. 1993
Highest point Gerlachovský štít (2,655 m)
GDP $179.527 billion  (2017)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code SK (SVK)
ISD Calling code +421
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .sk

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