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Reliance Hong Kong International SIM Card for tourist

Save up-to 95% on International Roaming in Hong Kong with Reliance Hong Kong SIM Card

Tariff Hong Kong
Incoming Calls Unlimited Free
CUG – Internal Calling within Group Unlimited Free
Local Call – In Hong Kong Rs.15
India Call – From Hong Kong Rs.15
SMS – Outgoing All Rs.15
3G Data – per MB Rs.15
Data Packs:
100 MB – 3G Data Rs.900
500 MB – 3G Data Rs.4000

One time Hong Kong SIM Price of Rs. 499

Lifetime Valid Prepaid SIM for Hong Kong

Recharge as per your requirement

SIM Card comes with UK Number

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Hong Kong SIM Card Features:

  1. Unlimited FREE CUG – Now Speak unlimited among family members or while travelling in group
  2. Lifetime Valid SIM Card – with UK number – also works in 200+ countries
  3. Single SIM Card for World
  4. Pre-paid / Post-paid (against deposit) options available
  5. Easy online recharges from any part of world – or through nation-wide chain of distributors
  6. Self Service Portal
  7. Works in all handsets
  8. Easy Documentation – Only Passport & Visa copy with one Photograph
  9. Never Miss a call while in Hong Kong with Free Missed-Call-Alert service
  10. No credit card blocking
  11. Prices all Inclusive in INR – No hidden cost

Reliance Hong Kong SIM Card for tourists from India saves up to 95% on International Roaming.


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Roaming Tips:

Connect with family and friends while travelling to Hong Kong

Don’t be a slave to insanely expensive roaming charges

Reliance Hong Kong International SIM Card for Roaming Saves up to 95% compared to Indian number under international Roaming

Keep Data off when Wi-Fi hot spots are available to further save on Data Roaming

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