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COUNTRY NETWORK Incoming Local India Call Outgoing
USA (Click here to check Unlimited Calling) T-Mobile 0 15 20 10
Argentina AMX Argentina S.A. (CLARO) 50 75 75 25
Telefonica Moviles Argentina S.A 50 75 75 25
Brazil All networks 0 15 25 40
Canada All networks 0 15 25 40
Check Country Specific Option
Columbia Movistar/Telefonica Moviles Colombia 60 75 75 18
Chile Telefónica Móviles de Chile S. A. 0 15 25 40
Ecuador Otecel S.A. -Telefónica Móviles Ecuador 75 75 75 18
-includes Galapagos Islands
El Salvador DIGICEL S.A. de C.V. 75 75 75 25
Jamaica C&W 15 40 40 30
Digicel 15 40 40 30
Mexico Radiomovil DIPSA S.A. de C.V. 0 15 25 22
Telefonica Moviles Mexico 0 15 25 22
Peru America Movil Peru (Claro) 40 50 50 22
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SIM will be blocked in India

In Japan and South Korea, Please carry a 3G enabled handset.

SIM Comes with +44 UK Number

Save up to 95% on USA Roaming

Get the SIM in all sizes – Normal, Micro & Nano

Good for Business Travelers, Students or Leisure Travel

Please note its a Rental Free, Lifetime, Permanent, Single SIM for 200+ countries.

There is no hidden costs, service charges or connection fees etc – generally charged by all competition SIM card providers. 

Incoming SMSs are FREE across the World including Europe

All subsequent recharges get 100% talk-time
No hidden costs, no reoccuring charges, no other costs
Comes with a +44 UK Number and USA +1 number- also works in 175 countries
Billed in INR hence no worry about always upwardly increasing foreign exchange

Reliance World SIM does not work with a network locked handset.

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