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Ghana ISD Calling code is +233

Ghana was the first African state that chose to use traditional Pan-African colors (red, yellow, and green) on its flag. It happened in 1957, when Ghana gained independent from Great Britain. The colors of the tricolor were inspired by the national colors of Ethiopia, which, as the first independent state, was a symbol of the struggle for freedom. Thus, the flag is composed of three horizontal stripes and black five-pointed star in the middle of the central yellow stripe. Allegedly, the star should refer to the shipping company Black Star Line, whose mission was to return the black population to its home continent. The red stripe recalls the blood shed during the struggle for freedom, the yellow stripe refers to the mineral wealth of the country, and the green one indicates the local lush forests and freedom.

The capital, Accra, is a vibrant but often misunderstood city, a heaving metropolis of food stalls and football shirts, music and markets, swish hotels and swirling street life. It has few big sights as such, but makes for an engaging introduction to the country as a whole. Further along the coast, there’s just as much to absorb in seaside settlements like Cape Coast, once a slave port but now a cultural destination in its own right. Its dark past is testament to the various European powers that at different times held sway in the region.
Inland, meanwhile, Ghana sets out its eco-credentials with habitats ranging from savannah to dense rainforest and hiker-friendly mountains to relatively arid sub-Saharan plains. Many of the individual national parks and game reserves are rather small compared to some other African countries, but the network is extensive.

Main information

Country Ghana
Capital city Accra
Population 24,658,823 (2010)
Total area 238,533 km2
Formation 6. 3. 1957
Highest point Mount Afadjato (880 m)
GDP $ 3,316 (IMF, 2012)
Currency ghanaian cedi (GHS)
Code GH (GHA)
ISD Calling code +233
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .gh

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