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Germany ISD Calling code is +49

The black-red-yellow tricolor of the current German flag experienced remarkable development hand in hand with historical events. In the mid-19th century, these colors symbolized efforts to unify the German states. In 1919, the tricolor became the official flag of the Weimar Republic. However, when Hitler took the power in 1933, it was abolished and replaced by Nazi swastika. Shortly after the defeat in the World War II, the tricolor was re-adopted as the flag of modern Germany. The flag of East Germany differed a little bit by a symbol of communism in its middle. However, it was withdrawn after the unification of these two countries and the role of the national flag of the united Germany was overtaken by the flag of the German Federal Republic.

Misunderstood by many, Germany is one of the most varied and charming countries on the continent. Anyone expecting a homogenous nation conforming to old Teutonic stereotypes is in for a shock.

As a destination, it offers a clutch of truly lovely cities, culture served up in hefty portions and rural scenery so pretty you’ll wonder why it isn’t on every tourist hit list.

Main information

Country Germany
Capital city Berlin
Population 82,349,400(2016)
Total area 357,022 km2
Formation 18. 1. 1871
Highest point Zugspitze (2,962 m)
GDP $3.652 trillion (2017)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code DE (DEU)
ISD Calling code +49
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .de

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