International SIM Card India

The very first question comes to your mind when you are planning International Travel, Is there an International SIM card that I can use? And Answer is YES – PlanetRoam International SIM Card is just for you and most reliable with Robust Network coverage through many operators worldwide. SIM Card works in 200+ countries with one single flat rate and one single +44 UK number.

Every Traveler need an international SIM card as your cell provider charges are expensive and charging you exorbitant. Your International Roaming bill can equal or even incur more than whole your travel expense.

It’s always a wise decision to buy International Roaming SIM Card before you travel from India, get number in advance. PlanetRoam “international SIM card” options that works in all/most of the countries without any hassle, you dont need to change numbers, single SIM card which comes with UK Number.

Instead of buying Local SIM Card in every country that maybe expensive and hard to re-charge, why not simply buy the Single SIM card which has network coverage in 200+ countries and roam seamlessly from one country to another and don’t even think of roaming costs – as we have Flat rates for entire world.

International SIM Card is the best alternative to your local services providers as its costs very high Roaming Charges and International Roaming packs are not available with many of them.

Get Fastest 4G Data + Crystal Clear Sound + Easy Recharge + 24/7 Support + Superior Network Coverage Worldwide.


PlanetRoam International SIM Card India

PlanetRoam International SIM Card

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