Best Travel SIM Card from India | Make Cheaper calls while abroad & save up to 90%

Travel SIM cards are SIM cards which are used by travellers when they travel out of their home country. Because you are local telephone operator may not have the roaming agreement with the operator of the country which you are visiting. Hence a traveller or visited to that country might face the connectivity issues. Additionally, your home operator might have very heavy calling and data charges when you do roaming in the country which you are traveling to.

Considering about two factors it is advisable to carry a country specific travel sim card for an international sim card which works in multiple countries get an assured network connectivity for voice and data as well as safe money up to 90% on your international roaming charges.

Travel SIM card is the best companion and it’s the best travel accessory a traveller must carry. Buy travel sim card before travel starts get it delivered within 24 hours or or on the airport.

PlanetRoam Travel SIM Card has helped traveler connected for many years, through offering our comprehensive range of affordable, fast, and convenient travel sim cards. There are so many reasons why thousands of world travellers trust their prepaid sim cards to keep them in touch with Family, Friends & Businesses, wherever they go. 

Delivery of Travel SIM Card is fast and free, with a easy returns and money back guarantee. PlanetRoam Travel sim cards are affordable, offering enormous value for money. And there are never any hidden charges or roaming fees, since everything is prepaid, so no billing shocks ever, Best of all, there are options for adventurous travellers looking to visit nearly every dream destination out there — including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a Travel SIM Card. PlanetRoam has got you covered on that score, too. 200+ countries one Travel SIM card, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of constantly changing cards and possibly losing a few along the way.

Business owners can distribute Travel SIM cards to traveling employees and manage each account with one simple dashboard. While employees travel, you can change balances by moving funds from one account to another, map the current location of users, send free SMS to individual users or groups, and so much more.

Worried about phones getting lost or stolen? That’s no problem! From your corporate account dashboard, you can block any user’s SIM card and turn their voicemail on or off. If you happen to lose the employee instead of the SIM card, you can easily reassign it.


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