PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card for Merchant Navy Shipping Jobs


PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM

Free Office and Home Delivery

Lifetime Valid Permanent +44 UK Number which covers 150+ Countries Globally

PlanetRoam is a Largest MVNO in the World providing the Robust Network  – Now Enjoy state-of-the-art network infrastructure and excellent call quality and data connectivity.

Free Missed Call Alert SMS – Now never miss people who are missing you while not reachable..

Cash on Delivery & Online Payment Options Available

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Seafarer Data Packs


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250MB(365 DAYS)


500MB (365 DAYS)


1GB (365 DAYS)


2GB (365 DAYS)


3GB (365 DAYS)


5GB (365 DAYS)


10GB (365 DAYS)



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1GB(180 DAYS)


2GB (180 DAYS)


3GB (180 DAYS)


5GB (180 DAYS)


10GB (180 DAYS)


20GB (180 DAYS)


30GB (180 DAYS)



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500MB (180 DAYS)


1GB (180 DAYS)


2GB (180 DAYS)


3GB (180 DAYS)



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500MB (180 DAYS)


1GB (180 DAYS)


2GB (180 DAYS)


3GB (180 DAYS)



[popup_anything id="253947"]

1GB (180 DAYS)


Frequently asked questions

You can order Online from our Website ( or you can order on WhatsApp +91 8691010112

Yes, you can recharge online using this Link

SIM covers 150+ countries

Required Documents are Passport & CDC (Front & Last Page)

You can share documents using Soft Copy via WhatsApp or E-mail

No, this sim works only in Cities, Ports & 3 KM away from the Port

Sim comes with +44 UK based number

SIM validity is for Lifetime

Talktime is valid for 1 year

Yes, they can recharge your SIM in India

Yes, you can earn Rs. 100 additional talktime per customer

Note: Customer should be confirmed

No, you have to keep network mode in Automatic & ensure that the sim is inserted in Slot1 if its an Android smartphone