How to Call Guinea-Bissau from India | Guinea-Bissau ISD Code | Dialing Pattern Instruction

How to Make an International Call to Guinea-Bissau from India

Calling the Guinea-Bissau from India requires you to dial India’s exit code, followed by the Guinea-Bissau Country Code (ISD Code) and recipient’s 10-digit telephone number.

Below is the dialing method to call to Guinea-Bissau from India – These are charged International Calling Minutes – The format is mentioned below: 

Calling from  Calling to Country ISD Code Continent Capital City
India Guinea-Bissau +245 Africa Bissau

While calling to  Guinea-Bissau from India use International Dialing Code +245 prefix or use 00245

The same code can be used for calling Guinea-Bissau from any part of world.

Follow this procedure to make an International Call to Guinea-Bissau from India – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3

  • For Landline, Dial: +245 + Area Code + Land Line Number
  • For Mobile Phone Cell Phone, Dial +245 + 10 Digit Mobile Number

Instructions before dialing:

To avoid billing dispute, contact your residential or wireless service provider, telephone operator, prior to calling the to confirm applicable rates per minute for making international calls to Guinea-Bissau. Most telephone service providers charge additional rates for outgoing international phone calls. 
  • Always check the time-zone gap before calling between Guinea-Bissau & India to not disturb call receiver
  • Check Area Codes of Guinea-Bissau before dialing 

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