How to Call Palau from India | Palau ISD Code | Dialing Pattern Instruction

How to Make an International Call to Palau from India

Calling the Palau from India requires you to dial India’s exit code, followed by the Palau Country Code (ISD Code) and recipient’s 10-digit telephone number.

Below is the dialing method to call to Palau from India – These are charged International Calling Minutes – The format is mentioned below: 

Calling from  Calling to Country ISD Code Continent Capital City
India Palau +680 Oceania Melekeok

While calling to  Palau from India use International Dialing Code +680 prefix or use 00680

The same code can be used for calling Palau from any part of world.

Follow this procedure to make an International Call to Palau from India – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3

  • For Landline, Dial: +680 + Area Code + Land Line Number
  • For Mobile Phone Cell Phone, Dial +680 + 10 Digit Mobile Number

Instructions before dialing:

To avoid billing dispute, contact your residential or wireless service provider, telephone operator, prior to calling the to confirm applicable rates per minute for making international calls to Palau. Most telephone service providers charge additional rates for outgoing international phone calls. 
  • Always check the time-zone gap before calling between Palau & India to not disturb call receiver
  • Check Area Codes of Palau before dialing 

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