How to Save on Roaming

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Check International Roaming (IR) rates from operator before travel and decide on how much would it cost for making & receiving calls.

  1. Mostly many restaurants, coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi hotspots . If you have a Wi-Fi enabled phone, you can use VoIP for calling people at very nominal cost. Wi-Fi hotspots are often available on airport also.
  2. Beware before calling toll free numbers, toll free numbers in international scenario are not toll free, they are charged as local calls.
  3. Some service providers give “Roaming Caller Tunes” a message that says “the phone you called is roaming internationally”, this will reduce unwanted calls.
  4. Check handset compatibility, to roam in Japan or South Korea, a 3G device that operates at 2100 MHz is required.  Carry a quad band handset for USA travel.
  5. Receiving call is charged less than 50% than making a call to India, let people call you.
  6. Smart phone applications automatically access data unknowingly, applications such as twitter, facebook, maps, push mail etc. Ensure you turn off all those automatic updates.
  7. Avoid in-flight connectivity, as its charges as high as Rs. 300 a minute for receiving calls.
  8. Carry a universal charger / electrical plug adapter to visiting country standard.
  9. Cancel call forwarding, as it will be two way charges, charged on IR rates.
  10. Go to mobile version of websites – don’t surf normal websites. Sites which are optimized for Mobile handheld.
  11. Ensure your text message not crossing 160 characters – or it will send 2 SMS.
  12. After returning to India, collect your IR security deposit back.

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