How to Call Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) from Singapore | Complete Dialing Guide

How do I make a call to Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) from Singapore?

Please find Dialing Process for Calling Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) number from Singapore:

Step 1: International Access Code or Exit code for Singapore: 00

Step 2: Dial the Country code for Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of): 58

Step 3: Dial the Area code for the city you are calling: City Area Code of City in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

Step 4: Dial the Local phone number: This is the 10 digits phone number of the person you are calling.

Follow below dialing procedure steps to make an International Call to Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) from Singapore  – Dialing Pattern Example: in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4

Singapore Exit Code – prefix  Country Code City Code Phone Number (10 digits
00 58   123 456 78910

For example:

  • To call a landline in #N/A in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), you would dial 00 + 58 + #N/A Area Code + 10 digits phone number.
  • To call a mobile phone in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), you would dial 00 58 10 digits mobile number.
  • Press the Call Button on Cell Phone Dialpad

If you are calling from a mobile phone, you need to add the “+” sign before the country code.

  • For example, to call #N/A from a mobile phone, you would dial +58+123 4567

Please note that international calls to Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) can be costly. Be sure to check with your phone carrier for their rates before making a call.

Here are some additional tips for calling Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) from Singapore:

The best time to call Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) is during the daytime hours in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of). This is because the time difference between Singapore and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) is 

UTC Time Difference between Singapore & Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) is #N/A (avoide calling at inconvenient time}

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Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Emergency Phone Numbers:

  1. Police: #N/A
  2. Emergency Number: #N/A
  3. Firebrigade: #N/A

Here is a brief overview of each mobile operator in the Singapore:


These three operators are the incumbent telecom operators in Singapore and offer a wide range of telecom services, including mobile, fixed-line

In addition to the incumbent operators, there are a number of MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in Singapore that offer mobile services on the networks of the incumbent operators. Some of the MVNOs in Singapore include:

Zero1 Mobile
TPG Mobile

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