Reliance International Card | Reliance International SIM card

Reliance International Card is an International SIM card a World SIM which can be used in 175 countries.

1.   Single SIM One Single SIM works across the world – no need to carry multiple SIM cards and face security related queries at Airport.
2.   Permanent Number No need to return SIM card – it remains permanently with you.
3.   Call Forward After coming back to India, you can do call forward to your Indian Mobile /Land–line number, keeping you in touch with your International business partners
4.   Credit Limit No need to worry about exorbitant bills, you can now set credit limits to keep tab on bill.
5.   Post-paid / pre-paid options Choose from pre and post-paid options as per your convenience
6.   Usage Monitoring You can view usage anytime, see Call Detail Report (CDR), watch for misuse – all online.
7.   Self Service Portal View bill, print bill, pay online, process your requests.
8.   Handset Compatibility Most Handsets (Please verify with our Customer Care before traveling)
9.   Voice Mail Activate voice mail, whenever you are busy.
10.   No Credit Card Blocking No need to give your credit card details, it comes in pre-paid. For post-paid, just a company undertaking.

Reliance International Card | International SIM card available with us. Pls call us.



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