exclusively DEsigned for Seafarers

Seafarer’s job requires to be away from home for several months at a stretch and travel to multiple countries. And communication back home is the most difficult part of any seafarer’s life, hence PlanetRoam launched “PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM” exclusively for Seafarer Community.

One Single Flat Rate* from across the world with no commitment, no rentals and permanent SIM to perfectly suit your requirements with various Data Bundle Plans

Seafarer SIM Card



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PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card for Merchant Navy Professionals

Validity Lifetime*
Prepaid SIM Card Price Rs. 1999
Free Talk-time Rs. 1400
(Prices are all inclusive)  
Incoming Calls – Check the Countries Below Unlimited Free
CUG – Internal Calling within Group Unlimited Free
Local Call Rs.10
India Calls – From Across the World Rs.10 (Rs. 5 with SIP Calling)
SMS – Outgoing All (Across World ) Rs.5
3G Data – per MB – Across the World Rs.10


                       VALIDITY                         180 DAYS
     250MB   500MB   1 GB
Data Per MB Rs 10      
  Europe    699 INR 999 INR
  North America   699 INR 999 INR
  SE Asia 699 INR 1399 INR 2699 INR
  Entire World 1599 INR 2999 INR 5999 INR
  • Notes: Outgoing Calling Pattern – *11*(countrycode)(mobileno.)#
    Always store numbers in phone book in above pattern – so you don’t have to dial it every time.
  • Seafarer SIM Card Comes with UK Mobile Number – starting with +44 Seafarer SIM Card works in 200+ countries
  • 120 Countries CUG Free – You can speak to all your colleagues across the world for Free
  • Free Missed Call Alert SMS – Now never miss people who are missing you while not reachable..
  • Use SIP Calling (In WiFi zone to further reduce Call rates and use Ship WiFi to make & receive calls)
  • Earn referral Bonus Talk-time when you refer your colleagues for Free CUG in 120 countries
  • 1 MB of usage can send between 100-150 WhatsApp Text messages (without media) – remain connected across he the world Now ( Data is activated by default – subscribers need to send request for data deactivation – Once Data activated – Subscribers need to take extreme care in App Management which consume data in background)
  • Easy Online Recharge – Get 100% on subsequent recharges
  • Tariff in INR – No need to worry about changing Forex

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Why PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card? 

Seafarers who spend 6-8 months in single stretch, at sea for weeks at a time, and travel all over the globe for work, can only understand the joy of speaking to family and friends from foreign land ... and after intervals of many days and weeks. Its very important for seafarers to keep in touch with their families.

They may travel with people they don’t know and who may not speak their language also, so communicating back home is heaven.

Seafarers often have only a few hours ashore and in that time they mostly use to communicate back home, speak to them and PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card comes handy - always on - the moment you are near shore - start speaking.

once on-board a ship and at sea - seafarers face big challenge communicating with family, friends and their social circle in spite of having smartphones, not having World SIM Card is of no use.

Very important and only concern for seafarers is hassle free communication back home. Every Seafarers now want easy, cost effective SIM Card, access to Voice and Data both at sea and in port. Seafarers spend large amount of their earnings on voice and data communication and we decided to reduce that burden by offering very cheap, affordable premium seafarer communication services.

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They live tough and isolated lives while at sea. Frequent communication with home makes the life. Our Free Incoming Call Rates enable seafarers to have much more access to affordable communication both onboard* and ashore.

Seafarers want access to communication, voice and data 3G & 4G services of high quality, always On and easy to use, affordable with no fixed monthly commitment...

PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card Just do that, it provides communication between the Seafarer / Shipping Crew and his loved ones. PlanetRoam Seafarer SIM Card is almost reuniting you with your friends and family - Get one for yourself Now in India with Free Home Delivery Option.

PlanetRoam SIM Card for mariners / seamen is best International SIM Card / World SIM / Global SIM for seafarers giving you full reliance on robust network.