USA Tourist SIM Card in India

Following is a very Common query when you travel to the USA as a Tourist

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I might obtain a US SIM card for my phone before I get to New York next week, or to pick up when I get there? Will a US SIM card work with my Indian handset?

I wanted the USA Tourist SIM mainly because I would be able to use mobile data on my mobile so I can access the Internet data. I’m afraid of getting lost in America without a phone and google maps, and having a mobile Internet connection would be literally a God-send! But also it would be very useful for if I need to call somebody in the US while I’m there – e.g. if I’m late to arrive at my accommodation, or to use Whatsapp to contact my family, etc.

If it is possible for me to get a US Tourist SIM card from India before I actually travel to America? could anybody guide me on how much mobile data and calls to India minutes costs and what’s the cheapest option available? and whether there are any kinds of package deals out there, depending on the network?

Another Frequently asked question is:

I am travelling to the USA by next week. I will be staying there for at least a year. I want to use indian Sim card in USA for receiving sms from indian friends. Which Sim card will work in the USA for 1 year? Kindly help me…

PlanetRoam has answer to all these questions, when you travel to the USA as a tourist for a few days – it’s not good to carry an Indian SIM Card under International Roaming and face a big Billing shock after you return to India. PlanetRoam USA Tourist SIM Card saves up-to 90% on USA Roaming and provides unlimited data and calling minutes within USA and India.

There’s a lot of various tariff plans & Packs which will suit your SIM Card requirement as a tourist to the United States of America and then you can do many things you can do with tourist SIM Card in USA and stay connected all the time and enjoy your trip.

PlanetRoam USA Tourist SIM Card is a great deal – as you get number in advance, no need to search for SIM Card on USA Airports, Saves up-to 90%, validity can be extended by 28 days each for longer stay also works in most of the 3G / 4G mobile handsets available in India, inducing iPhone. (but still check the mobile handset compatibility within USA before you travel as tourist)

Doing a road trip? Then stay in network while moving around within the USA with robust network partners. It would also be useful to download the ‘Road trip’ apps on to so you can be alerted of places of interest, eating places en route and of course essential to call ahead to your hotel if you are running late etc etc.

Now, don’t waste your time in deciding which Tourist SIM to choose when you get a great deal with PlanetRoam USA Tourist SIM Card from India.

Planning a one month trip to the USA from India?

Would you like to buy a cheap, Prepaid SIM card for Indian Tourist? 

When you visit other US cities as tourist from India, it’s almost impossible to get USA Tourist SIMs. 

You may not get a prepaid SIM in the USA easily? when you land at the airport in USA – so it’s always advisable to carry a SIM Card from India before your USA tour starts. 

You also end-up saving US dollars forex and spend in Indian rupees. Easy recharges are available when you decide to stay longer on trip. 

Millions of Indian travel to USA every year as tourists and use PlanetRoam USA SIM Card – be a part of it. Buy USA Tourist SIM Card now online and enjoy your USA Tour. 

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