Europe SIM Card Options

Traveling is always fun, and you may travel to Europe next and may be looking for data and voice for Europe. Wondering whether to turn on international roaming or to buy a travel sim from from India to take with you? have you thought about getting a sim card in each country but that means many different numbers and many different cards you have to purchase when there and traveling to multiple countries in Europe. 

If you are planning to activate International Roaming on Home SIM card, there are two kinds of charges you need to be aware of – call roaming and data roaming. And they are extremely high. Some operators provide country specific roaming packs, but may not be suitable and cost effective when you are traveling to many destinations within Europe. 

What can be a killer is data roaming, If you are not able to use your phone with data to get emails, surf the web, share on social media, so your family & friends remain updated with your travel status, then there is no happiness while traveling. Hence take a Europe SIM Card with higher cheaper data – so that you can travel carefree. 

Choose PlanetRoam Europe SIM Card from India which Single SIM Card works in Entire Europe. Also get free incoming calls and free calling minutes along with high-speed 4G Data bundles. 

Take Europe sim card with voice and data plan. it works great during Europe vacations and entire 40 countries coverage. 24 by 7 customer support and seamless connectivity in entire Europe.

Buying a Europe SIM Card on arrival in Europe is not easy, and hence always advisable to buy Europe SIM Card from India before travel starts, get the number in advance so you remain connected with Family & Friends the moment you land in any Airport in European countries.

If you are looking for USA SIM Card from India or Europe SIM Card – please carry PlanetRoam International SIM Card

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