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Belgium ISD Calling code is +32

The Belgian flag, which was inspired by the French tricolor, was adopted in 1831, shortly after gaining independence from the Netherlands. Originally, the stripes were horizontal, but Belgians eventually inclined to the version with vertical stripes in order to differ from the Dutch flag. The black, yellow and red colors are characteristic of Brabant province – Brabant rebels wore these colors during the uprising against Austria in the late 18th century. For the second time, the tricolor appeared during the uprising against William I of the Netherlands. This riot, unlike the previous one, was successful, that is why the flag evokes the struggle for independence and freedom.

Main information

Country Belgium
Capital city Brussels
Population 11,420,163 (2018)
Total area 32,545 km2
Formation 4. 10. 1830
Highest point Signal de Botrange (694 m)
GDP $550 billion (2018)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code BE (BEL)
ISD Calling code +32
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .be

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