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Chad ISD Calling code is +235

The flag of Chad consists of a vertical tricolor of blue, yellow and red stripes. The flag is almost identical to the flag of Romania, but its blue stripe has a darker shade. The flag has been inspired by the French tricolor as Chad was for many years a French colony. At the same time, it carries two Pan-African colors and therefore refers to ties both to France and the other African countries. The blue stripe on the left side of the flag represents the African sky and waterways, yellow stripe symbolizes the sun and dry desert in northern part of Chad and red traditionally stands for courage and the bloodshed during the struggles for independence. The flag has been adopted in 1959, when Chad was freed from the French rule.

With a predominantly rural population, urban life is restricted to N’Djamena, the capital. As Chad’s commercial hub it attracts people from over 200 different ethnic groups. The result is a diverse set of social structures rubbing alongside one another and stark contrasts between the capital’s modernist heart and the ancient ways of nomadic tribespeople such as the Tuareg and Toubou.

Chad’s prehistoric cave paintings, found amid gnarled rock formations in the Sahara Desert, document the existence of large animals in the region for millennia, so it is therefore unsurprising that even today the country is home to some of Africa’s most iconic species, including elephant, rhino, giraffe, leopard and lion.


Main information

Country Chad
Capital city N’Djamena
Population 12,825,000 (2013)
Total area 1,284,000 km2
Formation 11. 8. 1960
Highest point Emi Koussi (3,445 m)
GDP $ 2,474 (IMF, 2012)
Currency central african cfa franc (XAF)
Code TD (TCD)
ISD Calling code +235
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .td

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