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Colombia ISD Calling code is +57

The Colombian flag consists of three horizontal stripes – yellow, red, and blue one, where the yellow one is wider compared to the other stripes. The flag should express the unity of the Colombian population which has experienced many difficulties over time. Yellow color symbolizes Colombian gold, blue the Pacific Ocean bathing the Colombian shores, and the red refers to the blood shed during the struggle for freedom. Other interpretations says that yellow indicates sovereignty, blue nobility, and red bravery. After its discovery, Colombia became a Spanish colony and did not gain independence until the 19th century. The modern history could be characterized by political instability and fight against drugs in the countryside.

At the heart of it all is Bogota, the pulsating capital. Once synonymous with drug cartels and gangs, the city has recast itself as one of South America’s trendiest destinations; a place of hip bars and street art, vibrant markets and colourful architecture. Sprawled across the Andean plateau, Bogota offers a fabulous mix of old and new; the cobbled streets of La Candelaria offer a stark contrast to the urban chic of Zona Rosa. But it works.

Colombian culture is no less magical. Garcia Marquez’s land of magic realism is alive with festivals and music; the high-energy city of Cali is recognized as the salsa capital of Colombia, while bustling Barranquilla hosts a dazzling carnival to rival Rio’s. To cap it all off, visitors can expect a warm welcome from the country’s friendly inhabitants, who, after years in the wilderness, can finally show their true colours. And what a picture they paint.


Main information

Country Colombia
Capital city Bogotá
Population 48,786,100 (2016)
Total area 1,138,910 km2
Formation 20. 7. 1810
Highest point Pico Cristóbal Colón (5,700 m)
GDP $690.847  billion(2016)
Currency colombian peso (COP)
Code CO (COL)
ISD Calling code +57
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .co

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