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Democratic Republic of the Congo ISD Calling code is +243

The current flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been adopted after the approval of a new constitution in 2006, is composed of a blue sheet, red diagonal stripe and a yellow five-pointed star at the top of the left part of the flag. Blue symbolizes peace, red stands for blood of martyrs, yellow color that frames the red stripe denotes prosperity and the star represents hope for a brighter future of the country. DRC was under the Belgian domination until 1960 and in 1971 it was renamed to Zaire. At that time the flag was brought out in traditional pan-African colors. However, after the overthrow of the government in 1996 this form was abandoned and a flag with six small and one large five-pointed star was used until 2006.

The great body of the Congo River runs across the northern reaches of the country and has long been a site of considerable historic importance, made famous by the explorer Henry Morton Stanley and later used as the backdrop for Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

In many ways, much of the DRC remains as wild and impenetrable today as it would have been in Conrad’s time. The transport infrastructure built by the brutal Belgian colonial regime has largely been reclaimed by the jungle and there are few links between the country’s vast interior and the urban areas dotted around its fringes.

Main information

Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital city Kinshasa
Population 78,736,153(2016)
Total area 2,344,860 km2
Formation 30. 6. 1960
Highest point Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley (5,110 m)
GDP $40.415 billion (2017)
Currency congolese franc (CDF)
Code CD (COD)
ISD Calling code +243
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .cd

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