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Dominican Republic ISD Calling code is +1809

The Dominican Republic shares the island Hispaniola with the state of Haiti. The entire island was under Spanish rule until 1804, when the French founded Haiti in the western third of the island. Dominican Republic achieved independence in 1844. The flag of the Dominican Republic is composed of relatively large white cross that divides the flag into four fields. Upper left field and the field along the diagonal line have blue color. The remaining two fields are red. In the middle of the cross, there is a coat of arms, which depicts a shield supported by palm and olive branch bearing an inscription: “Dios, Patria, Liberta”, translated as “God, country, freedom.”

As part of the Caribbean the Dominican Republic has the North Atlantic Ocean lying to its north and the Caribbean Sea to its south. It’s situated on the island of Hispaniola and occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island while Haiti occupies the western third.

After attaining independence in 1844 the Dominican Republic endured many years of a largely non-representative rule until Joaquin Balaguer became president in 1966 holding office until 1996. Today regular elections are held and the Dominican Republic now has an impressive and fast growing economy with tourism playing a major role.

For the adventure tourist this Caribbean country offers a diverse countryside comprising tropical rainforests, arid desert expanses, alpine ranges and steamy mangrove swamps. It’s a playground for trekkers, mountain bike enthusiasts and water-sport junkies.

The northern and eastern coasts are dotted with many luxurious resorts however the Dominican Republic has much more to offer than this. There is the wonderful Caribbean music and dance, exotic foods and drink, popular local baseball games, and the remarkable colonial architecture found in the capital Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial. There are also sugar plantations, small quaint villages and wonderful mountain retreats to explore and enjoy in Jarabacoa and Constanza. If you’re looking for a hassle free holiday that’s big on relaxation then the Dominican Republic is the place to be!

Main information

Country Dominican Republic
Capital city Santo Domingo
Population 10,266,149 (2018)
Total area 48,671 km2
Formation 27. 2. 1844
Highest point Pico Duarte (3,098 m)
GDP $81.653 billion (2018)
Currency dominican peso (DOP)
Code DO (DOM)
ISD Calling code +1 809
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .do

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