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Eritrea ISD Calling code is +291

The flag of Eritrea, an African country situated on the Red Sea coast, has been adopted in 1995. It consists of three triangles of different colors, where the largest and red isosceles triangle forms a base for the pole side of the flag. The other two – a green on the top and blue at the bottom, are orthogonal and thus complete the rectangular shape of the flag. In the red field, an olive branch surrounded by a wreath of olive leaves is located. The color red symbolizes blood shed during the liberation struggles, blue represents the ocean and green is to remind agricultural tradition in the country. The olive branch has been inspired by the former flag that was designed as a honor to the United Nations.

Eritrea is a difficult country to define. Although in Africa, it doesn’t feel wholly African. While its broad shore faces the Middle East, it is not overtly Arabian. And though its capital evokes the spirit of Europe, it is far from European.

The country stretches along the Red Sea and is low-lying in the eastern coastal regions and western border with Sudan, with a precipitous mountainous interior rising to a majestic 2,500m (8200ft) above sea level.

Main information

Country Eritrea
Capital city Asmara
Population 6,333,000 (2013)
Total area 117,600 km2
Formation 24. 5. 1993
Highest point Amba Soira (3,018 m)
GDP $ 710 (IMF, 2012)
Currency eritrean nakfa (ERN)
Code ER (ERI)
ISD Calling code +291
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .er

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