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Liberia ISD Calling code is +231

The flag of Liberia, which has been adopted in 1847, at first glance resembles the flag of the United States, and thus reflects its colonial past. However, Liberia was not a classic colony, it served since 1822 as a colony for freed slaves from the United States. Instead of the white star, the original flag displayed a Christian cross, which has later been replaced by a star in order to highlight an independence of Liberia. Eleven white or red stripes refer to eleven men who signed the Declaration of Independence of Liberia. The blue rectangle in the upper left part of the flag stands for the African continent and the star itself symbolizes the shining light of Liberia.

They say all publicity is good publicity, but Liberia might argue otherwise. Africa’s oldest republic has barely been out of the headlines in recent decades, but for all the wrong reasons; reports from the country have been dominated by two civil wars and an outbreak of Ebola. Suffice to say tourists have stayed away.

But there’s more to this country than natural wonders. Founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Africa’s oldest republic is home to a staggering diversity of cultures; its four million odd inhabitants are comprised of more than 16 established peoples, and there’s a burgeoning Asian and Middle Eastern population, too.

Main information

Country Liberia
Capital city Monrovia
Population 4,503,000(2015)
Total area 111,369 km2
Formation 26. 7. 1847
Highest point Mount Wuteve (1,440 m)
GDP $6.468 billion(2019)
Currency liberian dollar (LRD)
Code LR (LBR)
ISD Calling code +231
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .lr

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