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Lithuania ISD Calling code is +370

The Lithuanian flag consists of a tricolor of horizontal stripes in yellow, green and red colors. The flag was in force in the years from 1919 to 1940, until Lithuania did not became part of the Soviet Union and the flag was not dropped. After the collapse of the Sovier Union in 1989, the tricolor has been readopted as the national flag. Selected colors allegedly reflect Lithuanian values and local nature. Yellow represents the sun and fertile cornfields, green stands for forests and meadows and red refers to the bloodshed in the struggle for the country’s independence and for the courage of Lithuanians during these fights. The flag that is used nowadays differs only by dimensions from the flag used before the Soviet occupation.

Lithuania is a spellbinding land of castles, lakes and forests. Though relatively few knew of its charms until recently, Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities, owing especially to its Baroque old town. Then there is the Baltic shore, which may not have the sun-soaked appeal of other coasts, but is idyllic and largely unspoilt. The southernmost country in the Baltics, Lithuania is also home to vast plains parted by hills and sand dunes.

Main information

Country Lithuania
Capital city Vilnius
Population 2,821,674(2014)
Total area 65,300 km2
Formation 11. 3. 1990
Highest point Aukštojas Hill (294 m)
GDP $90.632 billion(2017)
Currency lithuanian litas (LTL)
Code LT (LTU)
ISD Calling code +370
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .lt

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