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Mozambique ISD Calling code is +258

The flag of Mozambique has been adopted in 1983 and Mozambique is currently the only country whose flag bears a symbol of a weapon. The flag consists of three stripes in green, black and yellow colors, which are separated by narrower white stripes. On the left side there is a red wedge where symbols of yellow star, white book, hoe and Kalashnikov are layered. The flag has been inspired by the flag of the Liberation Front of Mozambique which was fighting for independence. The symbolism of colors is as follows: green represents fertile ground, black African population and yellow stands for mineral wealth. The hoe refers to the agricultural population, the book highlights the importance of education and the weapon commemorates the fights for freedom. White color traditionally symbolizes peace.

Mozambique’s messy post-colonial history and poor infrastructure mean that most visitors are cut from fairly intrepid cloth. But travelling this enigmatic and underexplored country is well worth the occasional bump in the road, both literal and metaphorical.

Main information

Country Mozambique
Capital city Maputo
Population 28,829,476 (2016)
Total area 801,590 km2
Formation 25. 6. 1975
Highest point Monte Binga (2,436 m)
GDP $37.386 billion(2017)
Currency mozambican metical (MZN)
Code MZ (MOZ)
ISD Calling code +258
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .mz

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