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Nauru ISD Calling code is +674

The base of the flag of Nauru, the smallest independent country in the world, which has been adopted in 1976 when the country achieved independence, consists of a dark blue sheet. The sheet is crossed by a yellow stripe in its middle and below the stripe and closer to the left part of the flag a twelve-pointed white star is placed. Each chip represents one of the twelve tribes that used to inhabit the island, although two of them do not exist already. Yellow stripe symbolizes the equator and the star depicts the position of the island against the equator. The blue color of the sheet should remind the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the island. The design of the flag was chosen through a public competition, where a draft of an Australian designer won.

If you’re travelling to Nauru, chances are you’re on business, ticking off every country in the world or visiting out of sheer curiosity – for this Pacific island is hardly your archetypal holiday destination.

Although ringed by a beautiful coral reef, the island’s interior has been ravaged by decades of phosphate mining, extracted to supply Australia with fertiliser. The sea is also subject to strong currents and rocky pinnacles jut up immediately offshore, meaning swimming and diving are limited.

Main information

Country Nauru
Capital city Yaren District
Population 9,945 (2011)
Total area 21 km2
Formation 31. 1. 1968
Highest point Command Ridge (71 m)
Currency australian dollar (AUD)
Code NR (NRU)
ISD Calling code +674
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .nr

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