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Niger ISD Calling code is +227

The flag of African country Niger, which has been adopted a year before gaining its independence in 1959, consists of three horizontal stripes in orange, white and green colors. Moreover, in the middle of the white stripe, an orange circle is placed. The symbolism of colors used is as follows: red represents the Sahara Desert in the north, white stands for purity, green for hope or Nigerian vegetation in the southern parts of the country. Orange circle is to commemorate the bright sun illuminating the local rivers and landscape. The three stripes also represent three main regions of the country. The color variation may remind the flag of Ivory Coast, which was as well as Niger colonized by French.

One of the world’s poorest nations, Niger might be a challenging destination to travel around, but rewards abound for those willing to persevere. And with political stability returning to this West African nation, it is slowly opening up to tourists.

A country shaped by Saharan trade routes, visitors came and went through this land for centuries, leaving behind them a wonderful fusion of Arab and African traditions.Agadez and Zinder sprung up along these now defunct routes and today these cities retain their ancient mercantile charm. Comprised of beautiful adobe dwellings, their labyrinthine streets are home to bustling markets, which sell pottery, leather and other decorative pieces. Zinder is also renowned for its extravagant Ramadan festival, during which horsemen can be seen riding through the streets in the most flamboyant fashion.

Main information

Country Niger
Capital city Niamey
Population 17,129,076 (2012)
Total area 1,267,000 km2
Formation /
Highest point Mont Bagzane (2,022 m)
GDP $ 807 (IMF, 2012)
Currency west african cfa franc (XOF)
Code NE (NER)
ISD Calling code +227
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .ne

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