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Niue ISD Calling code is +683

The flag of the Pacific island of Niue is composed of a yellow leaf and a miniature of Union Jack in the upper left corner. Union Jack bears five stars, the largest of which is located in the middle and the other four are placed in the vertical and horizontal stripes. Union Jack points to the fact that Niue is a former British colony. The yellow color of the leaf reportedly indicates warm relations with New Zealand and the four stars represent the Southern Cross constellation which dominates the sky in this part of the world. A big star in the middle of the blue circle symbolizes the independence of the island – currently, Niue is associated territory of New Zealand.

The island nation’s rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and coral reefs offer excellent diving, snorkelling and whale watching. Birdwatchers are also well catered for: parakeets, white-tailed terns and other exotic birds and butterflies can be spotted darting among hibiscus and orchids.

Despite its remote location in the South Pacific, Niue is rarely short of visitors, with regular flights from Auckland bringing planeloads of sun-seeking Kiwis. At the same time however, there are only a handful of hotels, so it never feels crowded – sometimes it’s easy to imagine you have the island all to yourself.

Main information

Country Niue
Capital city Alofi
Population 1,624 (2016)
Total area 260 km2
Formation 19. 8. 1974
Highest point /
Currency new zealand dollar (NZD)
Code NU (NIU)
ISD Calling code +683
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .nu

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