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Palau ISD Calling code is +680

The flag of Palau has been adopted on 1st January 1981, when the archipelago decided to separate from the territory of the Pacific Islands and it was proclaimed a republic under the protection of the United States. The flag is composed of a pale blue sheet and a yellow circle centered slightly toward the left side of the flag. When the flag is hung it creates an impression that the circle is located right in the center of the flag. Blue color symbolizes the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the islands and the yellow circle allegedly resembles the full moon, which is an important period for the islanders. They believe that activities such as fishing, planting and harvesting are much more effective during this moon-phase.

An untamed paradise for divers and snorkellers, Paula is an archipelago of more than 500 islands, which sprout like giant mushrooms from the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The island of Koror is the beating heart of the country and the entry point for most visitors. Home to most of Palau’s inhabitants, it is far from the prettiest island in the archipelago and few choose to linger here. Those who do, however, can grab a slice of Micronesian life in the local bars and restaurants, where charismatic natives take pleasure convincing foreigners to try the local delicacy: fruit bat soup.

Main information

Country Palau
Capital city Ngerulmud
Population 20,901 (2013)
Total area 459 km2
Formation 1. 10. 1994
Highest point Mount Ngerchelchuus (242 m)
GDP $ 23,053 (IMF, 2012)
Currency united states dollar (USD)
Code PW (PLW)
ISD Calling code +680
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .pw

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