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Poland ISD Calling code is +48

The Polish flag consists of two equally broad stripes – red one at the bottom and white one on top. The colors are derived from the Polish emblem – a white eagle on a red background. This emblem dates back to the Middle Ages, and although the eagle was removed from the flag, white and red became the traditional colors of Poles. Polish identity has undergone numerous pitfalls over the centuries, therefore these colors have been of great importance for the Polish people, regardless of the current political situation. The symbolism of these colors has many interpretations. It may denote a white eagle flying over the sunset, or connection of the human spirit with the blood shed for freedom. Another interpretation is the wish of the Polish to live in peace and socialism.

Poland’s scenic beauty is as varied as it is extraordinary. The Baltic coast is pretty, while Słowiński National Park is all ethereal forests, bogs and sand dunes. The Great Masurian Lakes in the northeast are popular for kayakers, with hundreds of pristine lakes broken up by dense forest. The Krakow-Wielun Upland with its limestone caves and medieval castles is another highlight, while the Carpathian Mountains in the far south are unremittingly beautiful.

Main information

Country Poland
Capital city Warsaw
Population 38,634,007 (2017)
Total area 312,685 km2
Formation 11. 11. 1918
Highest point Rysy (2,499 m)
GDP $1,110 trillion
Currency polish złoty (PLN)
Code PL (POL)
ISD Calling code +48
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .pl

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