How to Call Saint Kitts and Nevis from India | Saint Kitts and Nevis ISD Code | International Roaming in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis ISD Calling code is +1869

The current flag of archipelago of St. Kitts and Nevis has been used since 1983 and it is composed of a sheet, which is divided by a black diagonal stripe into a green and a red field. In addition, the black stripe is framed by narrower yellow stripes and it also bears two white five-pointed star. The stars may indicate the two main islands, but according to the official interpretation it represents freedom and hope. The green color of the upper left field symbolizes the fertile soil of the islands and the red field serves as a reminder of the struggle for independence. The yellow color indicates the local bright sun and the black stripe represents the dark-skinned population. The islands were named in 1493 by Christopher Columbus during his voyage to India.

Main information

Country Rwanda
Capital city Basseterre
Population 54,000 (2013)
Total area 261 km2
Formation 19. 9. 1983
Highest point Mount Liamuiga (1,156 m)
GDP $ 16,066 (IMF, 2012)
Currency east caribbean dollar (XCD)
Code KN (KNA)
ISD Calling code +1869
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .kn

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