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South Africa ISD Calling code is +27

The flag of South Africa was adopted after the first elections and the end of apartheid in 1994. This is also related to the symbolism of the flag and the letter “Y”, which stretches from the left to the right side. It indicates the efforts to bring closer the groups separated for so many years and their common future without conflicts. The variety of colors on the flag stands for the plurality of political and ethnic groups in the country, that is why the flag is sometimes called “rainbow flag”. Like on the flag of the African National Congress, three of these colors are black, green and yellow. Red, white and blue represent the Boer republics, and also the colors of political party Zulu are included.

With golden beaches, jagged mountains and national parks overflowing with wildlife, South Africa is the Africa you’ve always imagined. While memories of a troubled past remain, the republic is well on the way to regaining its throne as the holiday capital of Africa, visited by nearly 10 million people every year.

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Main information

Country South Africa
Capital city Pretoria
Population 57,725,600 (2018)
Total area 1,221,040 km2
Formation 31. 5. 1910
Highest point Mafadi (3,450 m)
GDP $813.100 billion(2019)
Currency south african rand (ZAR)
Code ZA (ZAF)
ISD Calling code +27
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .za

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