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Burundi ISD Calling code is +257

Unusual flag of Burundi has been adopted on March 28, 1967. Its central theme is a white cross and a white circle in the middle of the flag. The cross divides the flag into four parts, where the upper and the lower fields are red and the left and the right field are green. In the white circle, there are three six-pointed stars, which allegedly represent national motto: “Unity, work, and progress.” The stars may also symbolize the three main ethnical groups of Burundi, which are Hutus, Tutsis and Pygmies. Green color indicates hope for better future, while red traditionally recalls the blood shed during the struggle for freedom. The white color of the cross symbolizes peace.

The city itself has some interesting examples of French architecture and has developed a reputation for its vibrant nightlife, but infrastructural development has been hindered by decades of sporadic conflict that culminated in 1994 and left more than 300,000 dead.

Further beyond the city limits, the four beautiful waterfalls at Chutes de la Karera are well worth a visit, as are a few of the largely unexplored and underdeveloped national parks. Parc National de la Rusiza is the most accessible, just 15km (9 miles) from Bujumbura, while Parc National de la Kibira is the largest rainforest in Burundi and is home to rare colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.

Main information

Country Burundi
Capital city Bujumbura
Population 10,524,117(2016)
Total area 27,834 km2
Formation 1. 7. 1962
Highest point south east of Mount Heha (2,684 m)
GDP $7.985 billion(2017)
Currency burundian franc (BIF)
Code BI (BDI)
ISD Calling code +257
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .bi

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