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Cambodia ISD Calling code is +257

The current flag of Cambodia was adopted in 1993 and consists of two blue stripes and one red stripe in-between. The red stripe bears a white silhouette of the temple Angkor Wat in its center. This symbol of Khmer dynasty from the 12th century is considered to be one of the biggest dominant of Cambodia. The towers of the temple should resemble Mount Meru, home of Hindu gods. The blue stripes stand for dignity, red stripe represents the nation, and white color refers to the power of religion. Until 1989, the flag with a yellow outline of the temple on a red sheet was used, but after the civil war and restoring the monarchy in 1993, King Sihanouk inclined to adoprion of the current flag.

Carving the country in two is the mighty Mekong River, which remains the lifeblood of Cambodia, running as it does from the bustling capital, Phnom Penh, to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. A journey down this iconic waterway is one of the great pleasures of Southeast Asia – boats of all shapes and sizes drift, chug and spray their way along the Mekong, carrying piglets, clay pots, bananas, motorcycles, you name it.

Away from the water, the ravages of war have become unlikely tourist attractions in Phnom Penh and other cities. Crowds gather at former prison camps and the notorious Killing Fields to contemplate Cambodia’s darkest hour, a period of unimaginable suffering that took place under the brutal regime of Pol Pot.

Main information

Country Cambodia
Capital city Phnom Penh
Population 16,245,729(2018)
Total area 181,035 km2
Formation 9. 11. 1953
Highest point Phnum Aoral (1,810 m)
GDP $70.242 billion(2018)
Currency cambodian riel (KHR)
Code KH (KHM)
ISD Calling code +855
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .kh

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