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Fiji ISD Calling code is +679

At the first glance at the flag of Fiji, it is evident that this island nation used to be under British rule. The flag has been adopted after gaining independence in 1970 and it consists of a pale blue leaf and a miniature of Union Jack flag in the upper left field. In addition, the flag bears national coat of arms where a yellow lion holding a cocoa bean and St. George’s Cross are depicted. The resulting fields bear pictures of sugarcane, coconut palm, white turtledove carrying an olive branch in its beak, and bunch of bananas. These commodities are typical of Fiji since it was not imported on the islands. The light blue color of the leaf should remind the Pacific Ocean which surrounds Fiji.

Chief among the attractions has to be the cyan-blue sea. It may look tranquil and majestic, but beneath the surface it’s teeming with life. Amid multicoloured reefs, the intrepid can explore over 1,500 fish species. You’ll also find five species of sea turtle, sharks, dolphins and even whales around Fiji. You can’t come here without snorkelling or diving at least some of the time.

Beyond the sealife, you’ll find ample opportunities to go hiking, while birdwatchers love the islands for the abundance of winged species. There are many forests to explore, especially on the island of Kadavu, which is practically roadless, and even more so on the Garden Island of Taveuni.

Main information

Country Fiji
Capital city Suva
Population 898,760 (2016)
Total area 18,274 km2
Formation 10. 10. 1970
Highest point Tomanivi (1,324 m)
GDP $4.869 billion(2017)
Currency fijian dollar (FJD)
Code FJ (FJI)
ISD Calling code +679
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .fj

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