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Finland ISD Calling code is +358

The Finnish flag, also known as Siniristilippu (blue cross), is another of flags inspired by Danish Danneborg. Blue Nordic cross reaches the edges of the flag and it is located on a white background. The shorter arm of the cross is shifted closer to left side of the flag, like in case of other Scandinavian flags, but the cross is more massive compared to the others. Blue symbolizes thousands of Finnish lakes and white stands for snowy landscape. The cross is said to originate in old Nordic legends, however official Finnish version says that this cross was adopted after gaining the independence at the end of WW1. The state flag differs only by the national emblem which is placed in the center of the cross.

The culture of the Finns has been shaped by the historic tug-of-war between Sweden and Russia, leaving dotted enclaves such as Russian-tinted Karelia, and the Swedish-speaking regions of Åland and Ostrobothnia. Even the Finnish language is an anomaly, curiously related to Hungarian.

For most, the gateway to Finland is Helsinki. A friendly and surprisingly small capital city, here historic churches rise above tidy public squares and stone wharfs are crowded with market traders and ferryboats. It’s probably the best place to encounter Finland’s famous party spirit, especially during the light nights of midsummer.

Main information

Country Finland
Capital city Helsinki
Population 5,509,717 (2017)
Total area 338,145 km2
Formation 6. 12. 1917
Highest point Halti (1,328 m)
GDP $289.557 billion (2018)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code FI (FIN)
ISD Calling code +358
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .fi

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