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Guinea-Bissau ISD Calling code is +245

The flag of Guinea-Bissau has been adopted in 1973 and it consists of three stripes where two of them are horizontal and one is vertical. Horizontal stripes have yellow and green color, whereas the vertical one in the left part of the flag is red and it carries a black five-pointed star. The colors used are typical of many African nations, thus represents their mutual solidarity. Yellow reminds the sharp African sun, green fertile soil and red stands for bloodshed in the struggle for independence. The black star symbolizes the African continent. The flag resembles the flag of Ghana, the first African nation that achieved independence. Guinea-Bissau followed Ghana in 1973, when it was liberated from Portuguese rule.

Sandwiched between Senegal and Guinea, this diminutive nation has a decidedly Latin vibe and is one of the few African countries to celebrate Carnival. Every February there is a riotous display of colour and culture when the streets of Bissau, the capital, are overrun with dancers festooned in traditional garb. They strut their stuff to drum beats that could raise the dead and rumbustious applause from adoring crowds.

Bissau’s roads are potholed and the electricity supply is erratic, but the dilapidated capital has rugged, timeworn charm. The grandeur of its Portuguese past is well behind it: like an aged model the city’s colonial beauty has faded, but there’s still a twinkle in its eye and an affable spirit that captivates visitors. It’s small and easy to navigate, too, with a few lively bars and restaurants serving up a traditional slice of local life.

Main information

Country Guinea-Bissau
Capital city Bissau
Population 1,704,000 (2013)
Total area 36,125 km2
Formation 24. 9. 1973
Highest point 300 m
GDP $ 1,210 (IMF, 2012)
Currency west african cfa franc (XOF)
Code GW (GNB)
ISD Calling code +245
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .gw

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