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Guinea ISD Calling code is +224

The flag of Guinea has been adopted in 1958 when the country gained independence from France. As the flag would be exactly the same with the flag of Rwanda, Rwanda was forced to add capital letter R to the middle of the yellow stripe. The flag consists of a vertical tricolor which commemorates the French flag. The stripes have from the left red, yellow and green colors. These colors have traditional Pan-African character that symbolizes solidarity between independent African states. The symbolism of these colors was explained during the famous speech of president Séky Touré – red should commemorate the bloodshed in the struggle for the homeland, yellow symbolizes the mineral wealth of the country and the sun and the green stripe represent the lush African vegetation.

A land of remote hills, virgin rainforests and plunging waterfalls, this wild, West African nation is home to some mesmerising landscapes. If you like to immerse yourself in Mother Nature, you’ll love Guinea.

But don’t expect an easy time of it. The country has been mired in political instability and outbreaks of violence, and it was here that the first person died from Ebola in 2014. It is also an exceptionally poor country and beyond the capital, Conakry, it is not an easy place to travel: corruption is rife and the ubiquitous military checkpoints intimidating.

Main information

Country Guinea
Capital city Conakry
Population 10,824,200 (2010)
Total area 245,857 km2
Formation 2. 10. 1958
Highest point Mont Nimba (1,752 m)
GDP $ 1,109 (IMF, 2012)
Currency guinean franc (GNF)
Code GN (GIN)
ISD Calling code +224
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .gn

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