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Japan ISD Calling code is +81

Japan, or “Land of the rising sun”, can feel proud of its flag, whose symbolism could be tracked back by several millennia. The red circle on a white background indicates a rising sun disc – so called Hinomaru in Japanese. The cult of sun enjoyed great attention there, Japanese emperors were said to be the descendants of a sun goddess Amaterasu. This symbol was drawn by samurais on ornamental fans called “gunsen” in the twelfth century already. In the 15th and 16th century, the symbol was used as a military insignia and it was displayed on military standards. When Japanese abandoned its policy of isolation in 1870 and began to make contact with other countries, they decided to use this ancient symbol as the central theme of its national flag.

From kimono-clad geishas singing karaoke in Kyoto to Buddhist monks whizzing around Tokyo on motorbikes, Japan is a fascinating land of contrasts, a heady mix of tradition and modernity that often bewilders but never bores.

Nowhere in the world blends the old and new quite like Japan. The speed of new technological developments here is matched only by the longevity of its ancient customs and traditions. The country is a pioneer in the fields of design, technology, fashion and cuisine. You can set your watch by the trains, eat meals that look like works of contemporary art and relieve yourself in the most technologically advanced toilets on the planet (some even talk to you).

Main information

Country Japan
Capital city Tokyo
Population 126,672,000 (2017)
Total area 377,873 km2
Formation 11 February 660 BC
Highest point Mount Fuji (3,776 m)
GDP $4.841 trillion (2017)
Currency japanese yen (JPY)
Code JP (JPN)
ISD Calling code +81
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .jp

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