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Jordan ISD Calling code is +962

The flag of Jordan, which has been adopted in 1921, is composed of three horizontal stripes in black, white and green colors. On the pole side of the flag. there is a red wedge inside of which a white seven-pointed star is placed. The colors are in the typical pan-Arab spirit and it is taken from the flag of Hejaz since the first emir of Jordan was a son of king of Hejaz. Each stripe symbolizes one significant dynasty – black stripe represents Abass dynasty from Baghdad, the middle white stripe is a sign of the Umayyads from Damascus and green stripe refers to the dynasty of the Fatimids of Morocco. The red wedge represents dynasty Hashim from Jordan and the white star, which has been added in 1928, stands for Fatiha, the first sura of the Koran.

Many travellers visit Jordan with its history in mind, and understandably so. The country is steeped in stories from the distant past, with the ruins to prove it. There’s the 2,000-year-old “lost city” of Petra, carved from rose-red sandstone cliffs by the Nabateans, and the legendary Lawrence of Arabia trail, which takes visitors from his crumbling fort at Azraq to the magnificent deserts of Wadi Rum.

Important biblical sites abound; visitors can trek along pilgrimage routes mentioned in the Old Testament, take in views of the Promised Land revealed to Moses and visit Bethany-by-the-Jordan where John baptised Jesus.

Main information

Country Jordan
Capital city Tokyo
Population 10,011,820 (2017)
Total area 89,342 km2
Formation 25. 5. 1946
Highest point Jabal Umm ad Dami (1,854 m)
GDP $86.193 billion (2016)
Currency jordanian dinar (JOD)
Code JO (JOR)
ISD Calling code +962
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .jo

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