How to Call Papua New Guinea from India | Papua New Guinea ISD Code | International Roaming in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea ISD Calling code is +507

The flag of Papua New Guinea is considered one of the most beautiful and most spectacular ones. It is divided diagonally into two triangular sections – black bottom one and red top one. At the bottom part, five stars depicting the Southern Cross constellation following flags of Australia and New Zealand are placed. The upper red part of the flag is dominated by a golden silhouette of a bird of paradise in flight, which is the national symbol of the country. The red, yellow and black colors have been used by the indigenous population for decorating objects of folk art for a long time. The flag has been adopted in 1971 – that is, four years before the official independence was proclaimed.

Papua New Guinea is a fascinating country where travellers can explore remote villages, as well as enjoying spectacular diving, stunning wildlife, scenic surfing and myriad cultures. The tribal diversity of a country with over 800 languages and 600 islands cannot easily be summarised, although in Papua New Guinea it is the tribal life that is most fascinating to the visitor.

Beyond the dizzying array of ethnic groups to get to know, there are many unique attractions, excursions and activities on offer, from discovering wrecks of World War II aircraft that lie in the jungle, to peeking inside the sacred wooden

Main information

Country Papua New Guinea
Capital city Port Moresby
Population 7,398,500 (2013)
Total area 462,840 km2
Formation 16. 9. 1975
Highest point Mount Wilhelm (4,509 m)
GDP $ 2,736 (IMF, 2012)
Currency papua new guinean kina (PGK)
Code PG (PNG)
ISD Calling code +675
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .pg

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