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Paraguay ISD Calling code is +595

The flag of Paraguay has been adopted in 1842 by President Rodriguez de Francia, a great admirer of France. That is why he chose the colors of the French tricolor for the national flag, however, he decided to place the stripes horizontally. The flag is unique because of its obverse and reverse sides are different. The center of the white stripe on the front of the flag bears a national coat of arms where a yellow five-pointed star surrounded by a green wreath and an inscription “República del Paraguay” is placed. Allegedly, the star was shining over the capital city Asuncion in 1811 when the independence of Paraguay was declared. The reverse side is decorated with an emblem of the Ministry of Finance and an inscription “Paz y Justicia” at the same place.

There’s a saying in Paraguay that people who visit always cry twice – once when they arrive and once when they leave. And you can see why emotions might run high in this lesser-travelled South American nation, whose beautiful, beguiling and baffling character is made all the more alluring by its relative obscurity.

After years in the wilderness – Paraguay has long been politically as well as geographically isolated – the country is gradually opening up to the outside world. Its tourism infrastructure remains undeveloped, but patient and pioneering travellers are rewarded for their endeavours.

Most travellers begin their Paraguayan adventure in the capital, Asuncion. A charming, colonial city, it’s one of South America’s more endearing capitals and is blessed with neoclassical façades, pretty piazzas and tree-lined boulevards.

Main information

Country Paraguay
Capital city Asunción
Population 6,725,308 (2016)
Total area 406,752 km2
Formation 14. 5. 1811
Highest point Cerro Pero (Cerro Tres Kandu) (842 m)
GDP $68.005 billion (2017)
Currency paraguayan guaraní (PYG)
Code PY (PRY)
ISD Calling code +595
How to Dial Please Add 00 or + as Prefix to these Codes
Internet TLD .py

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